July 2, 2013

Happy Twelve

Happy Birthday to our tween! Twelve years ago today we were blessed w/this beautiful girl! We love this spunky girl to pieces! She's can be sweeter than ever & gives me so many hugs & kisses throughout the day... then you have the other side: stubborn, driving me nuts sometimes w/the attitude, sassy to her sisters... I think that all sums up the word: T-W-E-E-N.

The day worked out perfect too! I was in pain & ended up in the hospital the next day! I was so upset I couldn't do anything (but I did make a bunch of signs to hang all over the house, her little sister wrote on ALL the mirrors in Expo markers! Her big sister made a cake & decorated the house w/streamers & balloons, cards & gifts followed.) Her bff dropped off a gift & that yummy cupcake! Dad took her to eat. Another friend took her to a movie, dinner & ice cream too, sleepover & rock climbing the next morning! My girl had a great birthday thanks to those that really love her. She's a lucky girl.


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