June 25, 2013


Just wanted to pop in and say happy summer to you all. I've been under the weather for a few weeks and am so thankful for friends and my husband. I have not been able to take my girls to the pool or do anything fun. Here in AZ, the temps are in the triple digits and it's not any fun being stuck inside when it's sunny every. single. day. non-stop.  Personally, I can do it & craft the day away! lol The girls have been lucky though and have gone on outings with friends and my husband has taken them to the pool. Today my teen will be on a boat all day: skiing, tubing & knee boarding! *just a wee bit jealous!

I'm feeling a tiny bit better, I've had a number of dr visits and hope they can find what's causing my pain real soon, praying non-stop and friends/family who are sending their prayers also... I'm hoping to scrapbook a few photos after my appt this morning! (that'll make this mama happy!)

**{prices in shop have dropped! New items will be added real soon!}

I hope you enjoy your summer!

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