November 16, 2009

Magic & Mayhem

Those sound like 2 little kid names! Hmm...

Antonia had showed me this a few days ago & I'm finally getting to post it! =)

Antonia's Magic Trick

(Did you get it? The napkin stays attached, not for long though! It's M-A-G-I-C.) Cute huh!?

Have I told you about my strange dreams? I know I tweeted them but ??? The first was last week. I woke up in the wee hrs, with my heart pounding! In my dream, I went to a meeting at the girls' school. (this was sometime in the afternoon after the girls were dropped off). I came back in the truck, started it & heard heavy breathing (like when a child is sleeping) coming from the 3rd row. I looked in my mirror & saw a glimpse of Antonia waking up! She was asleep in her booster seat, but leaning over on the seat also! She was just waking up & started crying! I left my baby (she's 8!) in the truck in this AZ heat! I couldn't stop crying & this is when I woke up! =(  Isn't that crazy?! I have never done that! I always wonder when a parent does this, HOW on earth can you forget your child is in the back seat?! It was only a dream, Thank God but the way my heart was pounding, it felt REAL!!

The second dream: I was driving our truck at nite w/a childhood friend, Cliff in the back seat. One minute we're talking & I'm driving, the next the truck is sliding every which way & I couldn't grab the wheel! It was going around too fast. I just sunk down in my seat & saw Cliff trying to hold onto the front seat, looking in every direction to see where we are headed. I just kept waiting to hear the crash! I'm not sure how I woke up but this also scared me! What does this mean? My days are non-stop & hectic as ever?! I need to stop & Breathe for more than a nano-second? I just saw a necklace recently that said as much too! I NEED to have it! =)

I have taken pix & have not posted them. NO time! =) I love blogging too! Shame on me. But they're from the last couple of weeks.

Antonia, Leleanna & Graciella
2009 School Pix
(this one day in AZ was a bit chilly then BACK to warm weather!)

Have you seen these yet? I love it! heehee
Double stuff w/Nascar numbers but only a few of these in pkg

Okay, I love my mama's freckles! (they lightly brush her cheeks)

I love her hair!
Yes, I always snap a quick pic if the hair looks cute! (as we're running out the door!)

It 'appears' as the SAME hairdo. Look closer... yes the flowers & ensemble are
diff colors but the braid/bun? ...Is loose in the pink pic! heehee

I had the pleasure of taking care of Miss Gia a few nites ago. As I stated earlier, I have NO time.
Carrie & Rob met me at the store to do a drive by! ha! My girls, Gia & I went grocery shopping and Gia never made a peep! Except of course, when Graciella made her laugh hysterical. It was too cute!
Even when we got home 1 hr plus later & Gia was Miss Perfect-Happy-Baby =)

Thx for taking a peek!


Sheree said...

your girls are beautiful! i had a crazy dream about devin (my 4 year old) getting chosen on Reaping Day! AHH! i woke up crying and SUPER upset. ugh. dreams.

hopefully things will slow down for you and you can stop and enjoy it all. :D

chefamily said...

Love the "magic" trick!
Your girlies are so pretty! Do they let you do their hair everyday? My youngest is on a kick where she has to have a ponytail everyday! Ugh!

CalleLillyCafe said...

Yes they let me do hair everyday! =) Graciella is 11 now & does it by herself most of the time, unless she wants it curled, braids for soccer or straightened! They get their hair 'did' before we walk out of door NO matter where we're going! I use this as leverage when all is NOT going well in the am & say you can do it yourself! (this works!) I wish I had a Glam squad every am for me! And thx for the complement! I think so too =)