November 12, 2009

Fab Giveaways!

Visit Mammaliciousfinds to enter the following giveaways!

Fallen Hearts (Twilight jewelry!)

Bella's ring

The winner will win a pair of earrings worth $20 from Fallen Hearts!

You can win this!

(Glass Tile - Bottle Cap Jewelry , Key Chains, Magnets)

Vampire Coven (two pendants & one ring) or Wolf Pack (two pendants & one ring)

Couldn't make the pix work for you! sorry!
I want to win!! whoohoo! I could wear any one of these to the movie on the 19th!


Isa said...

can i have a those twilight items!! so pretty!!

Sheree said...

oops, signed as my daughter, isa!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Very cool jewelry! I'm so jealous, we have to wait until the 20th to see the movie here :(