October 9, 2009

About Nine Miles

TOO long--! Ha! Whew--! Just got back from our bike ride! I had to pull Lele in the buggy, the girls & daddy were on thier own. For someone who does NOT exercise! (That would be me!) Man, I'm beat! It was gorgeous, so I was ALL for a long bike ride! I just forgot about the end result! It was fun though! We rode up about 1.5 miles, rode up the side of the canal a mile, turned around came back 2 miles, rode to Sonic - another mile. Took a break w/these:

Daddy: XL cherry
Mom: Med cranberry grape
Graciella: Sm cherry
Antonia: Sm watermelon w/cherries
Lele: Sm watermelon w/cherries
{anyone know what flavors say about you?!}

This was us! =) I want SO badly a pretty basket for my Black Betty bike! I think a wicker one will do me good! I want to make a pretty girlie liner for it too!

The ride home was perfect! Sun was going down & the ride was about 2.5 miles. Now, off to make a quick dinner & watch a movie w/the girls.

Have a good nite ALL! xo

(does anyone else's mom drive them NUTS?! I had to take her to CVS earlier today. She was getting super confused about WHICH pharmacy had it & WHO called it in. Ugh! Next stop, it was off to Goodwill. Not so fun, anything I said, she had to say the opposite. End conclusion? I would just keep my opinions to myself! She wanted to go to other stores but we had the bike ride all planned! She's getting worse. I don't know what's going to happen. Hmm...)

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