October 8, 2009

Swine Flu Anyone?

This past Tuesday, I took Antonia to the drs to be tested. Everyone is sick around here! Not in our house though. Thank God! Her test came back NEG.! Yes! She just had a low temp for 2 days & a little cough for a day, but no piggy flu for her! =) The other two are showing no signs of sickness...THIS week! So she skipped soccer practice Tues & Weds. She wasn't too thrilled about that one. Oops! But she did go tonite.

Graciella's tummy is still bothering her. This is EVERYday. She takes 2 pills in the am & pm to help. ?? Who knows. She eats like a bird,  fast as a cheetah & runs like a Gazelle. =) I need to call the gastro dr. Graciella should be thrilled w/that one! Not. I'm just wondering WHY is this going on so-- long?! She's had the bloodwork & other 'fun' tests. ALL came back fine & neg. !! She's going to be a mystery to figure out, just like I was years ago. Marvalous!

Last Saturday, Antonia had a scrimmage against Gilbert 02 Premier team & lost 1-0. A few hours later, Graciella had a scrimmage against the 97 Blue & lost 1-0. Another good game.

Sunday, we headed out to YOP for Graciella. It was GORGEOUS out! Fall is finally here! Whoohoo!

Yep! That's Graciella falling over the goalie, after running down the ball to kick it in!

We were there from 930am - 215pm w/an hr for lunch. I had the girls w/me & they behaved! That made a happy ME! =)  My Shiver book, the girls brought books to read too AND this kept us busy...

My Lele - xoxo

Antonia & her picks =)

I love this.

After YOP, we drove less than 2 miles to an see an old friend, Gloria. Antonia's God mother was visiting from Ohio (& we haven't seen FORever!) was in town for a few days. It worked out perfect! We spent the afternoon there catching up. Talking NONstop. =) It was great.

Jackie & Antonia

L to R: Me, Graciella, Antonia, Leleanna & Gloria

There were more pix to share but super blurry! Not so nice. ha! Hopefully, I can get them from Jackie to share! I have the 'in-the-wind-all-day' hairdo going! Lotsa wind + curly hair = Not So Nice hairdo to see friends who you haven't seen in yrs! heehee And NO makeup! What was I thinking! Oops! =/

It was a long-- day. Lele fell asleep on the way home & this was the start of Antonia's headache & fever. She was miserable for the ride home. =( You couldn't tell this was coming while we were at Gloria's though! The girls were watching a movie & talking nonstop!

I think we're almost caught up-to-date. I have a few things I'm working on & I'm hoping to share in a few days or so w/you!

Oh yeah! I had an appt w/the cardiologist yesterday. Nice dr. Anyone local need a heart dr? I can give you his info! Just a check up, that's all. I have to go for bloodwork & got some refills. I NEED to get myself back to the chiro! Another great dr. Need one, let me know! We've been so busy, I've been skipping out on my 3 times a wk adjustment & message w/Miss Natalie. I love her! I slowly dwindled down to once a wk & now ZERO! 

Still seeking a new diabetes dr. Anyone know of a great one? Please email me or leave a comment w/a number too! Please do NOT leave Dr. Biesbroeck or Dr. Pinnamaneni's info. THX! Been there. Done that. Hated---- it! =)

Have a good nite ALL! xo
I miss blogging every day!


chefamily said...

iove your blog. i too have 4 girls! my husband and i love it!
what do you use to edit your photos? they have such vibrant color. :)

CalleLillyCafe said...

I edit my photos in PSE =)