October 10, 2009

Visit to Tucson

The reason for our visit was again... you guessed it! Another soccer game! =) Should this day be ANY different? Graciella's team was to play CDO Storm & we had to drive all the way to Tucson to do it! The girls usually dominate the entire game but this game was not the same. One of our defenders was still playing, under the weather. A wing? Same, under the weather. A mid-fielder? On a cruise. A forward? Again. Under the weather. If you haven't noticed the pattern, many kiddos around our neck of the woods are sick. Enter 'HAN-A-TIZER'! We are crazy about here & the girls' school is too. I'm happy about that bcuz so far (let me knock on our WOOD kitchen table!) the girls have not been sick. Only Antonia had a mysterious lil virus that resulted in a temp for a few days. She even went to the drs, was tested for Swine Flu & came back neg.

So onto our visit! After the game (which the girls lost 3-0 & I heard during the game, these girls were 2nd in State...but that was only who they went up against this year - 4 games maybe?...) we asked our oldest for a good pizza joint around in Tucson. She told us about...

We ate at the 4th Ave location, where you can dine inside or out. The bees got to the girls, so we had to move our party of 6 inside. =/ it was so--- nice out too. Anyway, I could really go for some of this right NOW!!

Antonia, Tori & Leleanna

Back pizza: 1/2 cheese & pepperoni
Bottom pizza: my half: Hawaiin (made w/ham, riccotta cheese, pineapple & green peppers!) I was surprised to see the extra stuff in it but it was YUM-MEE!
Carlos' half: sausage & onion

Okay now? I'm REALLY hungry! =(


Next stop:

Do they still look like my girls?


Michael Jackson. Uh... I mean Graciella! =)

Should I be worried that I hear "mommy, look!" & see my 11 yr old wearing these?!

Yes, it'll be a long time before she can fit into these shoes. And when she CAN, it's NOT going to happen! =)

We had fun! I so wanted to buy one of the many flapper dresses in that shop! I love that material that shimmies! They had too many cute vintage dresses for everyday wear too! I heart Desert Vintage. (it's right across the street from pizza joint!)

Desert Vintage
636 N. 4th Ave
Tucson, Az 85705


chefamily said...

i love that your 11 yr old is decked out in her sporty soccer clothes, but is yearnin for some high heeled womanly heels.
i wonder what part of her will win later in life? lol

Melina*Alecia said...

I'm sorry I couldn't meet up with you guys! I LOVE 4th ave!!!