August 23, 2009


On a Sunday, we or I should say, Graciella had soccer. Again. We drove out to a park out by Metro Center for YOP (Youth Olympians Program). Hot as a bun fresh out of the oven! That's how hot it was outside, even in the shade. She never complained though about the heat or being tired. She hustled the entire time, on & off the field, for drills & during the scrimmages. We are so proud of her & her drive to become a better player. I believe she truly has what it takes to be the best! I cannot wait to see how much she has grown at the end of this season. Her playing through this summer & indoor, she's even improved in that short time frame. How this program works: the coaches work w/the girls as an individual. The girls come from all over the state to attend these sessions. If you are chosen, you will be a part of a team (pool of girls) that will practice once/twice a month either in Flagstaff, Phx or Tucson. In a 3-4 mos, they will compete against other teams. They even have a chance of traveling out-of-state for games. This program lasts the entire club soccer season. August thru May/June. These girls are 110% dedicated & at such a young age, have many yrs ahead of them to perfect thier skills, endurance, agility & so on. This is the beginning of a new path & as long as Graciella is willing, we will help her any way we can!

So in addition to her 3 nites/wk of soccer practice, games & tournaments on wkends... Every so often, she will have YOP practice if she is chosen.

She takes a beating on the field! She's a tough cookie!
One of the coaches held her back during a water break to talk to her about squaring her hips!
A bunch of us ran to Chilis for lunch!
LtoR: Graciella, Gabby, Riley, Taylor & Sebrina
AZSC represented at YOP!
Back row: LtoR Coach Beny, ? & Coach Mike
Middle LtoR: Graciella, Taylor, Sebrina & Damien
Front LtoR: Gabby & Riley

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