August 20, 2009

Big Girl

Happy 5th Birthday
'Sparkly' donut is her fave!
My baby girl turns 5! Where did the time go? AND she's in Kindergarten this school year! No more preK baby girl! =( She's on to a big girl life, in big girl school w/her sisters, doing plenty of big girl things. {I wish she could stay this age forever.} Her new thing lately is to tell you 'you'll be okay' after you hurt yourself, wanting to say every curse word out there! I love that girl! Or she reads her books to herself & if you listen, you will hear an 'entirely' different story than what the book REALLY says. It's too cute the stories she comes up with. I love to hear what comes out w/her tiny voice. But her voice is not tiny, in the least bit! If you hear arguing w/her sisters? You can bet she is the loudest! Not good I know, but I look at it this way... we never have to worry about Lele, she can definitely hold her own! She may be the youngest, but no one will ever walk all over her! =)

Graciella & Leleanna
Antonia & Lele

Let's see: my mama can swim like a fish, she LOVES to fish! She's got her Barbie pole & tackle box full of stuff to prove it! She loves school, her new friends & her teacher! She loves her new soccer uniform! She'll be starting w/AZSC in a few wks like her big sisters! And daddy's the coach! She loves her baby cousin, Giavanna! I think they're almost the same size! Gia's 5 mos now! hee hee
Yeah, mommy went a little crazy! =)

I can never get enough of my mama. We're so proud of her! She's a smart cookie too! She knows her address & telephone number, as well as her long--- name! ha! She's a total girlie girl too! Has to have the ribbons or flowers in her hair, matching earrings, body spray, shoes to match it all... oh yeah & her lipgloss! =)
Dad & Big girl

Lele picked Dunkin Donuts to start the day off before school. We all picked up Gramma & celebrated there, complete w/a candle & song in DD followed by photos! Then it was off to school! (school is 30 secs away!) Later that same afternoon, I brought cupcakes & balloons to her class. Another bday song! =) She wore her crown to school too! Too cute. =)

Bday girl & Gramma
HOW many times DOES it take to get a GREAT pic?!???

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Diana Waite said...

Julie! She is SO cute! and what FANTASTIC pictures!!