August 28, 2009

Az Cardinals vs Green Bay Packers

We scored FREE tickets to the game from AZSC & decided to make it a nite! The girls had fun screaming, booing & hollaring w/the crowd. Even Lele had a good time =) We got back so late & had to wake up the next am for Antonia's soccer games!

We sat in Section 406 but could see it all pretty good!
(discovered there was only 2 ethnic girls on the squad! Whassup wit dat?!)
I forget where Lele disappeared to but LtoR: Torri, Antonia, Sam, Olivia & Graciella
(Why do kids wanna throw the gang signs these days?!!)
A loyal fan! =)
My lil photographer Antonia took this pic! New fave of me & Carlos! xo

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