February 27, 2009

The Cricut Lives On

Ha! Call it a second life, if you will. Whew-- is all I have to say! Graciella was happy this am! We started it back up & it woke up Carlos. Oops! I took out the George cartridge & put a new one in. It recognized it & the others, just not poor George. Lucky for us & Mr. Cricut, daddy knows his stuff when it comes to electronics, prongs, circuit boards... fun. :) Well, he took it, examined & the final diagnosis was... one of the prongs was bent! He fixed that & we just have to be Xtra careful! So beware Cricut owners, if it starts smoking: unplug, breathe, check prongs on Cricut & take it from there! We were able to cut out some things for Graciella's board, print out her report & all else and she was on her way!

Just don't go to Walgreen's & use the drive-thru! UGH! (I should of packed my lunch & Lele's!) Now I remember WHY I stopped going there so many yrs ago! I had a gift card coupon w/a transferred prescription. I thought I'll just refill it there this once. Jeez! CVS RULES!! hee-hee

Have a good day!
I hope to do the same bcuz I have TONS to do today!

Min- send me a new pic of you & your new hair-do! I want to show everyone!

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Michelle Devine said...

good to hear the cricut didnt die!