February 27, 2009


Okay, I SO need to take a deep breath. Perhaps meditate even! IF I had the time! ha! I'll settle for venting, eating, watching a Days then off to bed. Graciella has this big poster foam board due tomorrow, well just cutting the stuff out part of it. We used my Cricut a quick minute then we changed the cartridge & began to cut again. So we thought! The light on the on/off switch turned on, but not the light on the panel or small display. Graciella then says, "mommy, your Cricut is smoking!" After about 2 seconds, I saw the SMOKE! Nothing major, but STILL! I unplugged it right away & I think it died. I did let a friend borrow it over the wkend & she did complete about 25-30 pages but... isn't this what it's for?! WHY does something like this happen, when we NEED this little machine NOW! Poor girl was getting upset, saying that now her poster board will look ugly! I have to find someone with a Cricut asap in the am! Before 11am! (this is the time she has to be at school) Also, I need it for my class on the 7th! Ahh--!!

That all leads me to my next subject: my 7x7 chipboard album class w/the title of "For the Love of". Anyone taking it can fill the book w/family pix or pets. It's tailored to anyone & anything! I will be teaching at Devine Memories on Saturday, March 7th at 930am.

(this photo is a bit blurry! you get the idea! :)

I've been avoiding my laptop! There. I confessed. I never thought I could get burnt out from being on it as often as I was. Yep. It could happen to you. I truly have to give myself a time limit each day to be on this thing. I love it but other things NEED to be attended to! It's too easy to get caught up in all the scrap blogs, friends' blogs, sketch blogs, giveaways, new products, ideas & checking comments or leaving them! But now, I have to catch up w/my Project 365! I take plenty of pix each day, I just got to log 'em & journal!

Graciella had played up w/the 98 White team for Legacy. They did great & won first place! I did up the windows for her! Each game we always forget! Her name took up the back window!

(don't know what happened to her eye in this pic!?)

Riley & Graciella both won first place this wkend! These two have known eachother 7 or 8 yrs now!

2009 Pros

Carlos coached Antonia's coed team again this year. Antonia's skills grew! She even played on offense & scored a goal this season!

I like this photo of Carlos & Antonia! She always has the perfect smile!

Way to go girls! Natalie, Katie & Antonia

I have lots to catch up on w/more pix! They'll be up sooner than later!
Off to bed, Lele just woke up! She came down w/this cough yesterday!


Diana Waite said...

HOly Cow Julie! Did you find someone with a cricut?! Love the book! SO cute! Looks like you played soccer at 'our' fields way out....gonna be there ALL day tomorrow....good luck, breathing is good....

Tina said...

Julie, Love the book! I am sure the class will be great. Good luck with your Cricut...how frustrating.
Keep Smiling! :)

Sparklinbecks said...

Sorry to hear about your cricut. How frustrating!

Way cute book!!

nancy said...

love your book!! looking forward to getting it put together... SOON!