June 4, 2008


Where can I find answers to my questions? You always hear 'go ask mommy!' Well, if it has to do w/her, then what?! That's an whole different story for a different day.

I cannot wait till this week is over & on Sunday, we can breathe again. This week is Graciella's soccer camp M-F, club soccer practice 3 nights, dress rehearsal, soccer BBQ, dance recital, trips to the pool, daycare girls, Devine Memories to hand in design team layouts, trips to the soccer store for more soccer gear, UPS store bcuz G's cletes are European size & still too small, ordered another pair, bought a pair local bcuz she needs some NOW!, Nicantoni's (YUM!) & movies w/the girls last nite. Saw Indiana Jones & it was better than I thought it would be! Lele fell asleep too.

She gave me the run down a few days ago of the things we were to do that day... she said we have to go to the bank & buy some money so we can go to the pool... I thought it was cute! We met up w/Jeannie at Elephant Bar w/all the girls! That was fun & yummy!

We've been to the pool now like 5 or 6 times & Leleanna cannot get enough! She is always under water. She jumps in, goes down the kiddie slides & under the mushroom by herself. She doesn't even hold her nose! She had to keep diving over my legs & going under. She's my lil fish. Antonia is doing real good too. She's gotten real good at swimming under water for 1/2 of the pool, the deep end that is. She cannot touch there still but she's good! Graciella has gotten stronger, as well. This is good thing!

Antonia has reading glasses now! She looks cute in 'em. Graciella's glasses for soccer were back ordered. Nice try at calling us to let us know!

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