May 4, 2008

A Week of CrAzY-NeSs...Part 2

Where do I begin? This family needs more days in the week! Dance & Confirmation on Monday nite. Of course, we choose the 2nd! Tuesday - besides running errands during the day & a field trip I went on w/Antonia's class in the am, p/u girls & daycare kids after school, off to church for the last day of catechism & sign ups for RE next yr! Fill out all the forms at the tables that are in the sun! Fun! Stand in line to only come face to face w/a woman who NEVER smiles! Not even a hello!! She just signs everyone up & you're outta there! Daycare girls needed to be p/u at church bcuz they had a playdate. Then waited for girls to get out of class & had some 'free' snx! Lele was happy! Then it was off to Antonia's soccer practice then to Snedigar to Graciella's rec. training! That was only Tuesday!! Weds. - Graciella stays after for chorus. No daycare girls that day. Did I mention that I also mopped all the floors (except my bathroom!) Thurs - Leleanna had dance in the am, daycare girls after school, Graciella had soccer practice. The daycare girls left, Carlos is getting ready for work & Graciella's getting ready to leave all at the same time! So Carlos takes her to her practice & I show up w/the other 2 & no one was there or showed!! Practice was cancelled by an email sent out (he never got our email add) & a super nice guy Don, was practicing w/her coach's older team so he asked her to stay & practice w/the 7th grdrs. She was happy w/that. It was a coed team & she kept up! We went to DM to drop off layouts for the design team after that. Fri - was a good one! Leleanna decided to fall asleep as soon as we got to the store. She has this OBSESSION w/lip gloss & chapsticks! A big one! It faded away for a bit, but now it's in full demand these days! She MUST have the purse & the chapstick in order to leave the house! She's ONLY 3!! & she has to carry about 4 different ones at all times! So naturally the store we went into had a bunch to choose from & I wanted some new ones so... can you guess what happened next? A sleepy 3 yr old & an obsession w/the lip stuff & mommy has her parked in front of this HUGE display at Bath & Body Works trying to pick one for me! Yeah... the store was slowly talking about us & leaving! What are ya gonna do! Finish my selection of course! She'll stop sometime this yr! hee-hee! She did fall asleep before we got home too! Had daycare girls after school, as well as 630 in the am before school! The bugman came to that afternoon! Oh! I forgot to add gramma in the mix. We p/u gramma to go to the sr center every other day & take her home. So... that pm, me & my girls went to DM & helped Joann close the store down! This is a bad habit! My girls went nuts w/her little Sage & tore it up playing! They had fun & were fast friends. I wish that would happen w/adults!

That brings me to a new subject or someone! Her name is Joy & she's great! Funny & from Jersey & super nice lady too! St. Andrews, Shumway, our girls in the same class, some dislikes the same! ha! But after maybe 2 wks now??... & a funny, almost an altercation of a phone call w/Antonia & me, phone calls back & forth ... we FINALLY met! She invited us all over for a BBQ/pool party at her casa. Met her husband, real nice guy & her friends & their girls. There was all little girls running around. We first got there & our girls went in the pool. Antonia choose NOT to wear her swimmies at first. Well, 3 secs passed that she just got in the pool & I didn't sit down yet & I jumped in w/flip flops, clothes, sunglasses & my insulin pump on!! Saved my baby! She was totally fine. Not even shaken up. Laughing & agreed THEN to put her swimmies on. Nice one huh!? Nice way to meet everyone, walking in w/3 girls & Antonia tries to drown herself after 2 mins of being there! All was good though. We met this mom Andie & her little girl, Brooke. We got to talking & again! Someone knows Carly! They LOVE Carly. After Brooke told me all about Carly, I remembered her telling me about a girl at her work that looks EXACTLY like Dakota Fanning. This was her! She was right! So Brooke told me, Carly just calls me 'Dakota', even her mannerisms were like those of the star! The food was YUMMY & everyone seemed real nice. Joy totally took care of the girls too! She was great w/them. I woke up Carlos & he came over later in the day. We left there at 9pm! I forgot to mention that Carlos didn't sleep but 1 hr that am bcuz he walked in the door at 630am from work! He got up & coached Antonia's team & we had Graciella's game start 1/2 way into Antonia's game! In addition to the 2 games in the am, Graciella & Lele had recital pix at the same time of the games...Carrie came even feeling sick! Thx Becky! That makes a difference to the girls! They'll remember that too! Afterwards, we went to Old McDonalds for Lele and In & Out for us.

Each day never ends. There's tons I'm leaving out. Like stopping here or there for bagels or a drive thru to p/u dinner! Let's see... Nicantonis, McD's & Pei Wei were this wks dinner... a quick trip to the grocery store.. it's ALWAYS something!! Never a dull moment.

I need to finish sorting this HUGE mountain of clothes I took out of the girl's closet, then I shall post these soccer pix! xo

Graciella - Purple Pros

Antonia & daddy - Purple Lightening

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