May 2, 2008

A Week of CraZy-NeSs...Part 1

This past Monday, Graciella made her Confirmation. She's looked beautiful in her dress & w/her hair all done! I love when it's pulled up out of her face! I took tons of pix & of some pretty important people in our lives! Her Godmother was her Titi. Since she could not be here w/us, Jeannie has been a surrogate & a great one at that! (She is also Leleanna's Godmother) She was Graciella's Sponsor & Fao' (Favio) is her Godfather. Gramma was there to celebrate but claimed she didn't want her photo taken bcuz she didn't dress up enough. Fao' came straight from Karate too! Carrie was there but had to leave early bcuz she had to be to work. Jeannie & Fao' have been there more times than I could count for our family. They truly mean the world to us. We (girls) got in trouble by Gramma bcuz Carlos was taking our picture in the middle of the court yard at church, w/everyone walking in & here we are acting all goofy! Oops! I love, love, love Graciella in her dress! Antonia wanted to pose again & again for the camera. Father John took a quick minute to stop & smile w/Graciella. We love him! I really need to find exactly what mass he's doing each week. It makes ALL the difference! I just wish they all would stick to the same mass time! Finally, a good one of me & Carlos! I just have the red eyes going! I'll fix it one day soon. Look Rose - straight hair!! Thx to all who came to share this special day w/us. (Bill - you too! How WAS that crying room?!) xo

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