August 20, 2013

Happy Nine

Yes! Time flies! Nine years ago today, this beautiful, spunky, sassy, strong-willed, sporty, girly girl, baby girl blessed our lives forever! Leleanna Maria. {Lee-lee-ah-nah} Isn't she beautiful? I love this girl more than ever too. Each day is filled with her giving lots of kisses and hugs. Yes mama, I'll take another! muah!

1. Every birthday I write all over the car! A simple shout out, if you will. *wink
2. Her very own cupcake. {her bday party is this weekend!}
3. Me in the wee--- hours making tags for her cookies!
4. Her & her bff at Dunkin Donuts to celebrate after school.

Mama, we love you infinity times infinity!
(yes, her & I compete who loves who more!)

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