May 11, 2013

New Season & Crafts

And this was us today! More soccer! While the younger two went in one direction w/the husband to try out for Renegades, Graciella & I drove in the other direction for her to try out for Ahwatukee! She was offered a spot on the top team! whoohoo! We are excited and we left the final decision up to her. 

She called the coach earlier tonight to tell him the good news! She accepts! Go Tukee---!!

My very good friend, Anna came over to craft for Mother's Day! I was all hers to help her get it all done in a few hours! It did take longer than a few but we did finish! ...Although she left w/tacky glittery chevron plates! (I'm sure they dried by the am!) Our mugs though?! Love the chevron handles & her quote: A cup of joe with Jesus. Love it!

We had a good time just chatting & laughing away! Antonia tried out her homemade (both from scratch!) icing and cupcakes! We took a quick break for this and to pick up Graciella from a friends, then back home to finish crafting!

I have to get a photo of the end result! I was too busy trying/waiting for my Vine app to work! It would of shown everything step by step! It never uploaded as well as another video at Starbucks w/my girls. So wish it just cooperated! Better luck next time. Happy crafting!

Hope you had a great day!

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Diana Waite said...

Looks like a GREAT time WAY to go GRACIELLA!