April 24, 2013

So many choices

What do you think about my color picks? Love the vintage shabby feel. Always have. Love bright colors and patterns too. Hmm. Perhaps next blog re-do! I just wanted simple & non-cluttered this time around. So many things have been changing and this AZ weather?! Not too sure if I'm ready for the triple digits yet. Yesterday was 90. Yikes! The school year will be over next month. That's a hard one to believe! Soccer is still NOT over and the girls are making plans for the summer already!

My to-do-to-sew-to-scrap-projectlife is a mile long! It's all on me I know, but I cannot help wanting to do-it-all! Maybe I should break my month up by weeks and sew one week, attack my Project Life the next, etc. Sounds great but will it work? That would be a tough one to stick with. I'll keep you posted on what happens next! 

Okay, is any other family out there affected by this crazy allergy season? 2013 started out okay and BAM! My girls are suffering. Not a fan at all. Let's see: asthma, too many meds, breathing treatments, too many trips to the drs and now allergy shots. Whew! My poor girls. All of them hit hard this year. Lots of prayers are needed. Honestly, it all scares me. 

Latest news: I'm going to re-open my Etsy shop. YES! I have been holding this off for.ever. it seems. I had gotten sick a while back, tried to 'take it easy' afterwards, that didn't last too long before I took more stuff on! I felt the old pains creepin' back, made some life changes in 2012 and here we are today! Times are tough, but as a family we can make it through it all and come out on top! And... with that being said, I have an idea w/another site ... I'm just curious to see which is a better fit. 

I hope you all had a great start to your week! 
How many of you are 'caught up' on 2013 Project Life? 
Just curious. *wink wink*

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