November 20, 2012

Project Life / Week 46

I'm so excited can I just tell you? I had bought Project365 a few years back, had started it, but for what ever reasons stopped. Boom just like that. No warning. Nada. Now enter Project Life & all the bits/pieces that go along w/it nowadays? In love all over again. So many pretty printables and kits out there to gussy it all up? In love. My girls are growing by the day and I just wish with everything that I would of stuck it out. The girls love to look through the older scrapbooks and just make comments and laugh & take it all in. Life passes us by too quick these days! It's crazy! I do have tons of photos and now I must take more (thanks to my 4S) but in the past, I would carry my CyberShot around each day in my purse. After that it was my chunky heavy Sony and I'm hoping sooner than later, I can carry around a Nikon or pretty one like that!

I'm back at it, using my old supplies and mixing in the new. How about you? Have your Project Lifes' came to a screeching halt? Do you want to make a deal, shake on it and sign the bottom line?

I, Julie promise to keep my PL pages up to speed and the current year! lol I may get a tiny bit behind or try to be creative and pull out older photos and create a week of the past, but I will vow to stay a fan and be true to you. My time is slim but if I want to keep a happy heart and memories for my girls to laugh/cry over, I will find the time to be with you a few times a week. In the end, it'll all be worth it.
 ~ Yours truly, me.

{who's with me? Raise your hand!}

So what are your PL pages like? What do use time & time again? 
Share a link if you'd like! I'll be sure to visit!

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