March 18, 2012

Update via Instagram

Yes, Instagram can sum up the latest happenings in my life. Is that sad or the norm w/all of us nowadays? I think the latter for most of us. Yes, this is what our world has come to and yes, I love it! Anyway, my last post was on the 1st and since I've been spending most of my days w/my mom in her room of the rehab center. She had fallen 3 times while she was there until I landed myself in the ICU for a week. I even got a phone call from my mom while she was in the same hospital as I, but downstairs in the ER. My niece had been w/her & paid me a quick visit while my mom went for an Xray. 

{I came to my mom's a few times just to sit on her patio & think about everything. At the same time, wishing my sister was still here.}

The weekend before my stay, my cousins came into town from Jersey. I saw them for a quick visit before I ended up in the ER w/my stomach having this super full feeling & pain in the center. I spent the week in ICU w/pancreatitis and triglycerides that were 4500! They used a machine to 'clean' my blood & I left w/triglyc. that were approx 300. This was a good thing. Needless to say, my body was severely stressed. 

{my happy mail get-well-gift! Love this bag/purse! I met a sweet girl Becca at a local Farmer's Market & had always eyed this pretty! She sent me a card along w/this while I was in the hospital. How sweet is she?!}

As if all this wasn't enough, my mom had moved to a better rehab facility. My husband has much to do w/all of this too. He was busy w/taking care of our girls & getting them to school, visiting my mom each day & taking care of many things for her & visiting me all the while. Yes, he's a trooper, my Hero, one we can count on again and again. He's proved this once before when I was real sick last year. *yes I love my hubby!

Between this & all that, the girls still had soccer, tournaments and Cottages for school. My husband even took video of our 2nd grader's performance. I missed her very first time of dancing w/a boy! =(

I can end this on a good note though, our oldest came from COS to visit this weekend. The girls were so happy to spend time w/her. Me too! Min, it felt good to be here for you to talk once again lil one! I love you much! xo

There are so many things I want to accomplish and on my to-do list. The only difference is I know now that I truly have to take it easy & slow my days down and take care of me. This will be a challenge but if I want to around in the years to come, this must happen.

Hope you all have a sunny fab weekend. For us here in AZ, it's raining w/occasional hail. Fun times!


Anonymous said...

Love all of your photos. :)
you have a great and supportive family..
Love your life story..
you are so blessed. :)

and hey well..take life slowly..and enjoy it..
See you on Instagram.. :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

that hot air balloon pic is perfection!

CalleLillyCafe said...

Thank you ladies!