March 26, 2012

Happy Fourteen

Happy Birthday to my beautiful girl! Time flies by too quick! (I know I say this often but it's so true!) She had a good day though & that's what counts! Today was also the last day of Spring break! Did I mention her turning 14 is un.believable. No longer my little girl. Well, I take that back. She'll always be my little girl. =)

Here's how the birthday girl spent her day:

We met a bunch of her friends at the theatre & I was left to sit solo as she said bye to me & sat however far back behind me. Fun times. I didn't mind though. I had me some mommy time w/no interruptions. Yes.

Daddy came through w/the balloons! Us girls loved the huge one w/the pink fuzzy-stuff all around!

We had dinner w/Gramma at the rehab center & ate some cupcakes! Compliments of Antonia and Lele. They made them while we were at the movies!

Mustaches. Need I say more?

Sewing on cards. Love.

I love how this turned out. Quick & simple.

What do you think about this super cute scooter?

Have a good night!


Sandy a la Mode said...

cute scooter! happy birthday to her!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet and dynamic card, I love it! It couldn't be more cheerful! :)
Happy Birthday to your girl! I love the happy photos.....ah, to be so young again.
Hugs to you, and thank you for the visit to my blog, I appreciate it so much!