April 20, 2011

My Notes from Creative Estates

**Time has passed me by too quick once again! One thing about me is: I go go go each day. I'm okay with this. My body is not. The past two nights, I walked in the door, walked over the couch & laid down. As soon as I did, I felt all the heaviness, loads of stress & all... just drain out of me & seep into the cushions... then I conked out & woke up hours later. Sound strange? Truth be told, this is exactly how my body feels every day. I'm thinking (yes the hubby had to tell me this many times) that my body is just not back to where is was before the two surgeries. I need to gradually get back to all that I did. I still need to heal. Yeah, well telling my head that is one thing. My body is a different story. I'm sure I won't slow down anytime soon, although I tell myself I really need to. Hmm. Did I lose anyone w/that? ha! I apologize.

Now back to the conference. Yes, it was amazing. Stressful too, but I'll save that story for a later date. I met so many creative women, my head was spinning. I loved it, I just wish I felt better. Again, too soon after my surgeries. Oops. The conference was not going to reschedule for me, so I rolled w/it. ;]

The following notes I took throughout the wkend from the sessions I attended. I'm hoping they all make sense bcuz as I was listening & jotting down notes real quick & now going back looking through... let's just hope for the best! 

Kim of TomKat Studio had this cupcake setup to perfection! Those coconut ones were delicious too!

You'll want to purchase this book: The Martha Rules. {yes, as in thee Martha Stewart!}

If you're new & getting started:

1. Find something unique & be passionate about it.
2. Start a blog.
3. Open an Etsy shop.
4. Include giveaways on blog.

*if you have time issues, hire help
*if kids need you, time to get off computer & help them
*include kids in your business to help you

Once you do open your shop:

*trade services/product w/photographer
*stylize where you want product photo to be taken
*saying no: learn how to handle
*mentor yourself, set yourself apart
*reinvent yourself
*possibly sell licenses and/or do trunk shows
*giveaways: include patterns w/some pretty fabric

I couldn't believe I was standing next to these amazing women IRL! I stalk follow their blogs, talk to some of them on Twitter & yes! they do tweet lil 'ol me back! I was laughing hysterical bcuz this was the third try at that first photo! Ashley of LilBlueBoo & Megan of Brassy Apple were super sweet. Also I cannot wait to get my braces off for photo opps {next month baby!} I met a local gal Michelle of MaddyCakes & she's crazy like me! She is one busy lady! She's was taking care of her business during a session. If you own your own business? It never sleeps... or does it? So excited to meet Becky Higgins IRL! I've been a long time scrapping fan! I might've went a tiny bit overboard for a mere 10 seconds when I met her. Oops. *blush blush* Was able to snap a quick photo of Jess & Shey, before Shey ran off to talk to the many people wanting her attention! Okay, back to my notes:



You ARE a: Professional Blogger

blogger or WordPress
Social Media
Twitter: convo tool
Linkedin (connect w/companies)
follow @mashable on Twitter: info on social media tools
have intro set in mind: name, site, products & what you want to be
partner w/best person in each field

Have one calendar & stick to it.
Swap time coupons: watch kids, design time, etc
Plan your family's meals for the week. 
Kids come home from school, be available. Computer time: after kids go to school or sports.

Megan of Brassy Apple "You need to achieve your own level of success!"

Write goals down & have in front of you. Always go back to goals & don't compare to others.
Tackle big jobs first! Emails & Twitter later.
Begin w/end in mind.
Ideas, to-do list, any & all: keep in one place.
Take an idea & write down. Free up real estate in your head.
Plan rewards. (Ex. date night.)
Keep charged & reboot.
Careful w/time on social media.
Celebrate little things, every step.
Barter if no $$ for help.

*Be respectable of other's boundaries.

There are so many notes! I've tried to share all that I've written down. Any questions, ask away! There is so much valuable info that I did not write down from these fabulous speakers! You had to hear all first hand, in person. These women were hysterical, moving, told their own stories & shared valuable lessons. Of course, there were LOTS of giveaways. I won a SheyB camera strap {this will be no. 3 for me!} 

A big thank you to Shealynn & Tauni for all that was done to make this very first Creative Estates 2011 a success! The venue was a great one & close to home too! This post is a long one & I know I certainly didn't name all the fab ladies in these photos! Please leave a comment & give a shout out if you appear in any & leave a link back to you! I will share these on Flickr real soon *promise*! It was a great experience & one I hope to do again in 2012! 


Steph said...

I loved all your takeaway from the conference. Thanks for sharing.

Tauni said...

What a fun post! I love, love, love your photos...

Of course, I loved meeting you in person to Julie. You're lovely.