April 2, 2011

Happy Thirteen

Why does all have to happen in one week? Get stitches out. Two days later, two opened back up & this meant visit to surgery center for more. *why is this happening? Perhaps the diabetes? Perhaps having two surgeries in a month will stress the body out? Hand therapy too. This is just a tiny bit of what went on. Stitches & surgery. I'm over it. Showering out of the sink? Done with. First shower in a month was yesterday. Hand wash by hubby: over-rated. Not fun for me, only fun for him. He washed my hair: that I liked. Friday was extremely hectic preparing for 13 y/o's sleepover. All the girls had fun & this am: half left w/the husband bcuz they had soccer first thing this am. This brings us to this very moment... exhausted from driving, party, late nite, early am. Had to p/u little one from games, arrange for middle one w/friend's dad for play date/swim after games, run oldest's friend to neighbors so she can wait 5 mins for her dad. No sorry I cannot leave her outside in front waiting on her own. Nope. Never. Ran oldest to/from practice. Let me just remind all that none of this is 'right around the corner'. At the same time, although this may be true? Running to this field or that field, doesn't bother us bcuz we drive this all. the. time. No biggie. And how you doin'??

Happy 13 mama!

The girls & I had to run to store to p/u some paint pens! This is how much time we don't have! We dropped off dad & bday girl and hurried off & came back w/this! Voila! The team sang to Graciella after  final game & ate yummy Costco cakes! It was a good day.

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Diana Waite said...

happy birthday to your girl! Looks like you got a new vehicle...FUN! :)