April 4, 2011

Celebrating 13

Finally! We were able to schedule a birthday party! This is a miracle. Never thought it would happen. We can chalk it up to soccer games. Period. My girl was a happy camper! She decided on a 'Movie Marathon' sleepover. This worked, then you factor in: all these 12 & 13 y/o's w/their cell phones. Yep! It all worked out and my mama was a happy camper.

This is my new Whirley*Pop & I love it! It makes the best popcorn!

Yes, it's blurry! But it's the cutest photo! And every last pretty girl was smiling!

A big thank you to all Graciella's friends for coming to celebrate 13! (& this is the mom coming out, thanks for behaving too.) They were truly all good girls! There I said it!

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