March 6, 2011


I LOVE taking photos of every.thing. I take them w/my old Sony CyberShot. {I'm hoping to change this in the almost near future!} Or they are taken w/my iPhone. And then come the apps. I HEART big time instagram. A new app I came across w/different layouts I came across is DipTic. Love this too. I can spend all day on those two, only if I had the time. Here are a few {& I mean few} of the many many photos I have taken w/both. =) If you haven't used these apps yet? You must get them pronto baby!

Aren't these the coolest?! Yes, I'm hooked. I always post mine to my:
Instagram app: CalleLillyCafe
FB too!

I posted a bunch today bcuz we drove up north 2.5 hrs for a game! Will share those in the am!


Unknown said...

Instagram is very cool! I need to use it more. I'll have to check out DipTic. Thanks for the tip!

Bente Fagerberg said...

HI, just stumbled across your blog....
Cool photo tips. I DO love your header. That pic is just the cutest!