February 22, 2011

Surgery & Hospitals

I'm headed to have hand surgery done in the am, bright & early. I'm hoping all goes well & I come out of the anesthesia okay. That is where my concern lies, even before the surgery. I need to have carpal tunnel surgery done on both hands, in addition to this: I have tendonitis & psoriatic arthritis in both hands & add removal of a cyst to that too. Fun stuff! I go to have one done tomorrow. The other next week. I was to have this surgery last year 3 times! Yes, I kept rescheduling & never had it bcuz I am entirely too busy! So this brings us to today... I really need to have it done & fixed pronto!

Onto my next subject: our oldest. She is in Colorado for her last semester. Fine, we're okay w/this. Yesterday she was in Urgent Care & today in the ER. Not fine. After tests & CT Scan, ruled out her appendix. Whew. Kidney infection. She is in major pain. I just wish we could all hop on our private jet & be w/her making her laugh. Well... maybe we could hold off on that last part. However, the jet is in the shop till further notice. Not good. She does have two close people who are with her. Thank you Charlie & Shaundra!

I'm asking for prayers from those of you who may read this in the next few days. I will thank you in advance! So much is going w/me, Melina & even Gramma too. I do believe in the strength of prayer. Do you?

As soon as I can type again, I'll be back. Thank you again.

**I want to say thank you to Carrie too! She's coming early in the am to help girls get ready for school. A big thanks to Robin for taking them to school! Thank you both. Now I know I won't have to worry about the girls. xo


Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

Thinking about you, Julie, and sending get well wished for tomorrow.

I'm so glad your daughter is getting better :)

Our Life said...

I will pray that the surgery goes well. I bet you will be feeling great once your hands heal :). I thought of you the other day because I was flipping through channels and saw a movie was playing on a channel called "Purple Rain". Haha. It was so fun to laugh at you at the SMB Mom's night out.

Anonymous said...

I am here in Colorado! I will be praying for you and your daughter! Positive thoughts and vibes!!


Unknown said...


Thanks for all the kitchen LoVe ;)