January 5, 2011

Non-Drinker has 2 Shots

Of what though?? Well, make that 2 shots of cortisone. One in each wrist. I had an appt w/the hand surgeon & if these shots work for me? This means I need to have carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists. Fun stuff. Just another thing to add to my list!

Can we add Gramma's eye surgery to the list too? That is scheduled for this Monday. I'm praying that the days & weeks following, don't result in many visits to the ER bcuz of her falling. This is exactly what happened with her last eye surgery. Send prayers her way please.

Leleanna, our 6 y/o, still has had zero luck w/all these laxatives mama has been throwing at her. She is such a good little girl when it comes to taking all of these different foods, meds & drinks. Why isn't ANY of it working though? I'm thinking at this point? She is so-- not even pushing or trying bcuz she's too afraid it'll hurt. (like the last time this happened) Not fun for her, but school starts Monday & I'm hoping this is over with before then! =)

Has everyone finished putting away Xmas stuff? Ours is almost done, but today I got off track by printing out photos for ornaments & stocking holders... this ended too quick bcuz my printer is low on ink. Nice one.

Okay last but not least... I want to scrapbook. Yes, this makes me happy. This, sewing & reading. I don't know about you, but the only time I can read is when I'm eating or waiting somewhere such as a drs appt or after school. The sewing deal? Frustrating. I have so many ideas & untouched fabrics and no time to tackle all of it. The New Year, as I had hoped is not going as I thought. Dr appts are never-ending already. It just seems all else has to come first. I just wish I could stop time when I wanted, when I needed.

I know it's up to me, but as the days pass... I'm still trying to figure it out. My girls, husband & Gramma come first. Bottom line. This means all else has to wait.

Here's to a great, successful & healthy year!

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Lila said...

Hope the shots help and Grandma's surgery goes well.

Good thoughts and wishes sent to you via blogger-ha