December 3, 2010

27 Dresses

Graciella's FIRST Jr. High Dance is coming up quick! And bcuz we have SO-- much time, we have to shop in a day, more or less. So 27 dresses didn't happen only about ten but four were not worth taking a photo of. (Graciella let me know this!) So here's the run-down. Leave us a comment telling us which YOU would choose for her! I had a few faves but I left it up to her. (sort of)

Forever 21: black lace

Dillards: gold sparkle

Dillards: pink zebra

Dillards: red bling

Dillards: red sparkle

Dillards: black ruffles

Can you guess which she chose?
 I wish I could of bought about 3 & actually HAD somewhere for her to wear them to! She had tried one of these on & my eyes teared up! haha! She looked so pretty & it hit me that my baby was growing up!!

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