November 10, 2010

Can You Keep Up?

OMG. How do these successful online shop owners, these women that I see on Twitter & their blog, doing it all & creating new designs... keep up w/it all? Is their desk runneth over? MINE is. Are they on the board for a Soccer Academy? I am. Do they volunteer in their kids' classes? I do. Do they have their items in a local boutique? I do. {whoohoo! details on that soon!} Are they always there for the bffs? I am. Don't forget about HW & projects & reading minutes. I do that too. Do they do the laundry, towels & soccer laundry every other day? I do. Do they run their mom around bcuz she doesn't drive? I do as often as I can. Are they working on a local conference {Creative Estates} w/a good friend? I am. Do they watch their friends kids for the day? I do. Do they clean their house ALL the time? I don't. Wash the car weekly? I don't. Cook dinner every nite? I don't. Take the puppies to the dog park? I do. Ride bikes w/their kids? I do...

Do you get where I'm coming from? I really don't get HOW they do it? I wish I could just sew, sew & sew some more. Life is hectic & busy every day. It drives me nuts! I know what I have to do, but there's too much & not enough hours in a day. I know I'm not alone on this one. I have photos to edit to upload them to blog posts (yep, that would be plural!) & write the posts. I LOVE blogging too! I love to scrapbook too! I have so many projects waiting in the wings, it makes my head spin!

I've written the to-do lists, but I have like 5 going at the same time! Which to tackle first? I have been doing the most pressing first, then by the time 10pm rolls around... I'm exhausted!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated too. Please be nice. I wished I had an asst & the other day I saw this woman's SUV w/the license plate 'ASKHER'. It's fate! I went to her website on her window but I don't want to pay a bunch of $$ for what I can do myself. It'll just take me longer but the $$ will be saved in the end. She did it ALL too! EVERYthing. From house sitting, organizing offices, running errands, the list was endless! I so wish I could afford her. But I would be afraid to let someone in & see all your personal info & all that. Ho hum. What's a girl to do??

Have a good nite & I will be posting all my pix w/stories soon.


Diana Waite said...

Hey crazy busy friend! Take each day one day at a time. Don't compare your "worst" to their "best". Take stock in what's important (which you do!) And be proud of your successes YOU are awesome! Not even wonder woman does it all! :)

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

Maybe do everything, but just a little less of it? Only volunteer once a week, set one day aside for catching up on email and blogging, etc...

You are ALWAYS going. I don't know how you do it :)

CalleLillyCafe said...

Becca, it never ends. I vol every 2 wks. I'm telling you there is so much to be done by me, I cannot stop to think about it all. I just keep going & going!

Diana, I honestly don't compare but I just wonder how they do it all & hope to someday have the time I want & need to put towards my shop.

Thx ladies1 xo

gigi123 said...

My advice to you is to continue prioritizing, with my job I have so much going on: some days I don't know if I'm coming or going and at the end of the day, like you I'm worn out (mentally) BUT life is short so, just take things as they come one at a time and don't forget to fit in some "ME" time...BTW...I enjoy your blog that I'm following (via Blog Frog) and added your button to my page!

Have a great SITS day!

nancy said...

hi jewels!! looking back after raising 6 children i don't know how i did it all. i guess i just tried not to let the things that mattered least get in the way of the things that mattered most. knowing you i know you are doing the same. you and sparklinbecks blow my mind with all the amazing things you do!!
love you and MISS YOU!!! xoxoxo to girls! =)