September 1, 2010

Curl. Spray. Smile.

Yes! It's that time for us! Between the 3 girls, we had 3 different curling irons in use! Did your kids have school pix yet? And what did they wear? Summer gear or Fall? It's still hot as ever out too. It's actually cooling off a wee- bit though. Today's high 103. Hmm. Anyway, while the rest of the country is wearing Fall gear for school pictures, we are still wearing sundresses, tank tops & shorts!  I took pix real quick before school this am, what do you think?! ... (actually these are from right after school bcuz this am's pix: came out blurry! =(  I guess I was rushing the shots! ha!)

First grader!

Fourth grader!

Seventh grader!

I have to tell you this SAD SORRY story of this woman who took pix of my fourth grader's class this am! She was so intent on having my daughter smile WITHOUT showing her teeth!! WTH?! Hello? My pretty girl just turned nine & is still loosing teeth! She is NOT the only kid out there like this! And I think she's still cute with her teefus being a bit askew! =) I have to say, after hearing this I was fuming & just think HOW she made my daughter feel, on picture day, nonetheless. Nice job lady. I called & spoke to the principal at school. She told me she would find out who this woman was & see what could be done w/taking my pretty girl's photo again. Solo. The girl who took the class picture was nice as pie my daughter said! Jeze. I can only imagine how many little kids this horrible woman came in contact this am, and sent them away questioning & second guessing how their smile looks. I'll hold my not-so-nice words to myself. =)



Melina*Alecia said...

Lele- your hair is short!!! It looks cute and adorable! The earrings are amazing too! Does your flower have a sparkly center? It looks like it! and look at your muscle-y arms!

Antonia- I got your text today and wrote you back but then I think you forgot about your big sister! :( I <3 your wavy hair! It's a great look and your freckles and your great eyebrows and your teeth are so amazingly white! I think I have been drinking too much coffee...mine aren't as pearly white as your chompers.

Graciella- love the pose with the 45 degree angle towards the camera! that's my signature's ok, I'll loan it out to you. Your outfit is so adorable! what kind of shoes did you wear with it? <3 the hair! and yeah, you have great eyebrows too! I am telling you and please trust me!! NEVER thin them out!!! Thin eyebrows just are NOT becoming...cleaned up eyebrows that retain their natural architecture are the best! you have way white teeth too!

I swear I brush my teeth and I just went to the dentist but I feel like my teeth look NOT white and yucky!

I love and miss you!


Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

That makes me sad :( I love all pictures of my kids. Missing teeth, silly smile, everything. I wish she didn't put her wants on your cutie pie :)

Melina*Alecia said...

I told Rachel about this whole issue with Antonia and Rachel was upset too! I mean hello!! Girls already have self image issues as it is! I'm glad this butt head lady felt the need to catalyze my baby sister's self-image doubts. However, she will NOT affect GLAM! we are beautiful ladies and have HUGE hearts!

CalleLillyCafe said...


You're absolutely right! Luckily, after explaining it all to Antonia... she totally gets it, but I'm sure it def still hurt her. My poor mama.


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Your girls are so gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

Your girls are so pretty!! That woman needs to take a nice long look in the mirror!! I hope something is done so that she doesn't continue hurting kids feelings.