September 3, 2010

The Cove

Unbelievably amazing. Heart wrenching. Sad. You ask yourself, How can anyone do this? If you haven't heard anything about this or seen it on television, you have to be living under a rock. I just finished explaining all to my 9 y/o and searching for info on the web. It'll tear at your heart strings, but really who, honestly can stand up besides us for these helpless creatures? It simply breaks my heart & just reading about it or watching it, brings me to tears every time.

Watch & maybe you too, will make the decision to share w/family & friends. We can learn more about this horrific never-ending story, while others may be able to do more than others... we can all do our part. I have watched the hour plus long documentary on this a few weeks back. (I just debated if I should save for my girls to watch... I think I'll look for it now.)

If you have ever watched 'Flipper' as a kid, as I have countless times... you will read more about it & even to just say 'I support them'. Anything we can do to help, I'm sure will be appreciated.

Click HERE to do your part.