May 7, 2010

Facebook Friends

I know everyone hasn't made the jump to FB yet but it is fun. I use Twitter more than FB *Twitter-whore!* haha! There ARE some ladies out there using it WAY--- more often than me. I don't understand how they get ANYthing done during the day! But I do love talking to these women on a daily basis. And it was even better, meeting them at BloggyBootCamp! Some people NEED to use Twitter bcuz they post way too often for FB. Anyway besides ALL that, a close friend from years ago, contacted me thru FB. I was surprised too! It was a  good surprise =) I'm hoping we can meet up sooner than later & catch up!

At the moment, long week = exhausted. I want to eat & go to bed!?? It's early for me but we need to be at the Free Clinic for AAYS first thing in the am. Anyone local? Check it out! Also, we have 6v6 Registration open for the summer & tryouts are still going on. Check out the website!

Have a good nite. xo

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