May 4, 2010

BloggyBootCamp in Phx, AZ

I spent the entire day into the evening, w/the funniest, full of smarts, cutiest ladies ever! I met lotsa new girls, met those that inspire me, met Twitter friends face to face, ate w/strangers & now can call my friends, drank up all the info that these fabulous speakers threw our way & want to run w/it! I had the best time & all these women plus 3 MEN, they were the sweetest people ever! After 8 hrs+, I felt as though I knew some of these fab people forever! And yes, I went to the conference SOLO ... This was an awesome mommy-day. (for those who read all about it or know me personally, KNOW this never happens. If you follow me on Twitter, you would see I go from here to there, back & over this way & that way into the wee hrs each & every day) I loved spending time w/these strangers!!

Now for info that I learned. I think I'll have to split this up a bit bcuz it will be info overload! Lesson No. 1:  Get rid of blogger & move on w/the big girls over to Wordpress. Yes, I said it. It was a part of the 10 Step Program. haha! Of course, they're are advantages to the move. Next, I need to rename my blog. I've been told that another blogger has the same name! (in another country I believe)??? Never heard of it. But I am debating if I should keep Calle Lilly Cafe as my blog name also. Hmm. Any thoughts? I like 458 (it has a story) but I need to add another word to it. Anyone have the perfect one to describe moi'? Please be nice. =) I need help w/this one. It'll take me too long to come up w/it! Also, visit soon bcuz I'm planning a blog makeover! whoohoo!

Onto the photos... these begin during the early hrs into the drinkie-drink hours. I'm not too sure exactly how many got FADE---DED but it was all good!

**Do feel free to copy those boot camp photos, but please leave a comment to tell me so & leave me your blog/site to check out (if I don't have it in post)! I loved meeting everyone! You all ROCK! Oh yeah, I learned numbers shouldn't matter, but I do like to see the followers #, call me silly! {*wink *wink)  Enjoy the pix!

Pocket full of Posies, Cindy (Skip to My Lou) & ?? sorry!

Cameron (Peas&Bananas), Ted (OpenSky) & ?? sorry!

Me (yuk pic!), Tiffany (The Secret is in the Sauce) & Holly (Magnolias & Sunshine)

Daisy (Deal Fanatic) & Me (Julie)

Daddy B
(My 5 y/o was excited about your book!)

Pauline (Aspring Mama) , Loralee & Jyl

Pocket full of Posies & moi'

Becca & me. Haha! You're a funny girl! She made me pose gun to gun. =)

Miss Diva

Laurie & Miss SheyB

Laurie, SheyB & Julie

Melanie, Cindy & Me

(nice face on me, I was talking! I think this is THE one "up up up up!!")

Melanie, Cindy & Chelsea

Miss Diva & Miss SheyB

Laurie, Kim, Heather, Tiffany & Cindy

That's Julie (AngryJulieMonday) smack in the middle!

Yes, I do like this last one! These four ladies made that jump to end the nite w/a bang! haha! I had the best time! I hope we all can meet up one day again! xo
(I will finish posting names & links to everyone, it is way--- late & I need to wake up in 3 hrs for a field trip! Wish me luck!


Childhood said...

Julie! It was so great meeting you at the Phoenix bloggybootcamp! I'd love to meet up with you again. You're truly a joy to be around. Thank you so much for the pictures.

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

I love you pictures, and I LOVED meeting you!!

I should note that the "gun to gun" picture was to get YOUR guns and my LACK of guns!!!

Chelsea said...

Great pictures and a great recap of the day! It was SO nice meeting you!!!

Chelsea said...

Great pictures and a great recap of the day! It was SO nice meeting you!!!

Tiffany {SITSGIRLS} said...

Those came out great!

Looking through them makes me miss everyone!!

It was so nice to meet you- thanks for sharing these!

Nicole said...

Those are great pictures. Makes me wish I could be back there!! It was a wonderful weekend!

CalleLillyCafe said...

Thx ladies! It was so great meeting all of you & just talking the nite away! I loved it! I cannot wait till we have an AZ fellow bootcampers pow-wow! =) xo

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

Oh, the second picture down is Ali from @picklesugarplum :)

Mayhem and Moxie said...

You crack me up! Check out those guns! I am seriously impressed, girl.

It was such a pleasure meeting you in Phoenix. You and your personality shine wherever you go!


Pauline said...

Awesome photos! I love the "gun to gun" pic. And the one where Shey jumped me. Hilarious! (I'm a diva? Ok, I can go with that. LOL)

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Oh, how fun! Someday I would love to go to a blog conference and meet all the lovely ladies I admire from a may not be soon, but one day, I will go! Loved seeing these pictures! :)

And thank you so much for your comment at The Sweetest Petunia - means a lot to me!


Cupy Cakey said...

Your such a sweetie Pie. This is how lazy I am...I'm logged into my cupcake blog and didn't want to log out & then back in to Deal Fanatic. Oh well, you know it's me.

So fab meeting ma!