April 3, 2010

One Foot Wrong

That could be a good thing... or not! The Melnicki's & us girls took a drive to Freestone to snap some pix & take over the skate park! They all had a good time too. I think all the time skating took a toll on some more than others =)

I'm lovin these cousin photos!
LtoR: MaryRose, Antonia, Evan, Graciella & Leleanna

I love it! The kids will look at these in a few years & laugh at who's bigger than who!

(I know this is a bit blurry but I'm likin this one!)

My big girl.

I know there's many cousin shots w/all 5 but they haven't seen eachother in...
FOR-EVER! This will have to last us till...

Yes people! This is Graciella skatin her heart out! She loved it! And she wasn't afraid! This makes mama proud. *sniff *sniff

Here's my other skater girl. She didn't want to stop!

And yet another one of my skater girls. She was all for it too! Where does this fit in? Soccer & skateboardin?

Have a good nite all. xo

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