April 12, 2010

Canal...The Root Kind

Today was a fun day. Ran some errands first thing & ate some lunch w/Carlos then C-R-U-N-C-H!! Yes, my tooth broke. Made appt for afternoon & after it was all explained & overwith... I finally found out WHY the chipmunk cheeks!?? I forget the exact medical name for it but my cheeks were not always like this. Some muscle, gets bigger over the yrs from grinding or clenching your teeth! HELLO?! I'm a wee-ticked off! More so! Ha! I hate these things on either side of my mouth! Ask the husband! Now I have to wait to get ALL the work done on my mouth, possible braces then wait X-amount of  years, THEN it MIGHT go away. Not so much fun for me. I want it gone now. =P (I will leave the $$ part for another day!)

**found out some great news for AAYS! It involves the Founder of a local soccer club, AYSA Hall of Famer, Asst Coach for a CLU team... This is HUGE for us at AAYS! This is taking off! Woot--Woot-- More details to follow people! =)

FYI:  if you're local & in need of a Notary, I'm your girl. Just sayin'.

It's getting later, not really. But I want to eat & go to bed earlier than usual. Right now, I'm shooting for before midnite. =)

Enjoy your evening bloggers. xo

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