March 2, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Almost anyway! I took some quick pix this am of girls bcuz they have Spring Photos today at school. Graciella was too busy getting all her things together for Cottage Fair tonite. I will post final pix when we get them back! That's another story! A friends' mom was doing her hair after school, so we had to pack everything up, incld saddle, huge comforter rolled & buckled up, riding boots, bottles, her outfit... Older two were late but Lele made it on time. I swear, we need 5 hrs just to get these girls outta the house! I'm wondering how it all will go down w/the new school yr all day hours?! Maybe they'll have more time to do HW after school, then soccer, home, shower & bed. ?? Oops! I forgot about dinner. Other things, I'll mention later, will be taking some of our time as well. I'm hoping all works out for the best on that one!

I will have you know: Lele choose to have 'nah-bees' in her hair!

Antonia w/her new short do!

Yep! Warm enough for flip flops!
 (no time to run to store for lil white sneakers this am!)

Enjoy your day!

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