December 5, 2009

Turkey Day

Man! I totally skipped Turkey Day. Oops! We didn't take lotsa pix but we had a good one! Gramma, Carrie, Rob & their sweet baby girl, Giavanna came over. Melina & her bf, Patrick came over after she had finished work. A few were missed & were in our hearts, my dad & my big sister, Gladita. I can't believe, & I say it often, that time passes SO fast! It's crazy!

We had a 26 lb turkey, YUMmy ham, Carrie's YUMmy sweet pots w/marshmellows, Carlos' garlic mashed pots, carrots w/brn sugar & honey, corn & biscuits. Dessert: 2 pumpkin pies YUM!! & an apple pie.

The highlite for the boys (Harley & Hugo) was the meat from the neck bone. haha. How generous huh?!

My neice Carrie, her baby girl Giavanna & moi'!

Graciella is looking older in every pic I take!

Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day! xo

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Sheree said...

awww! you got some great shots! i'm envious...i got zero because i was in bed with vertigo. i attempted twice to come downstairs to hang but couldn't do it!

happy belated thanksgiving, julie!