December 5, 2009

Zoo Lights

Nov. 22, 2009
(yeah, it's a little out of order!)

A BIG thanks to Carrie & her BofA ticket deal! Whoohoo! No animals but a few, like the lonely zebra & some birds, were to be seen that nite. Pretty lights all over & Xmas music to boot, lotsa of lil ones & families snapping pix all over. In the end, the girls had fun. They love spending time w/their cousin Carrie & her little familia. =) I love you Becky!

Me & Carrie xo

Antonia & Graciella

I *heart* out this came out!

Thx again Carrie! I love you! xo
(remember you can click on image to enlarge!)


Sheree said...

i love the zoo lights! what fun for your kiddies! :) i love that multicolored sweater your daughter has on - she has great taste!

chefamily said...

the zoo lights look like so much fun! great job editing your photos for the blog! I love how you put them together!