December 10, 2009

Lessons Learned

Well today began about 2 am for us here. (in our house anyway!) Lastnite, I fell asleep w/Lele in her bed. I swear I only 'meant' to lie down till she fell asleep! Oops. Daddy came in & asked if I was coming to bed & that's the last I remember before hearing "MOM, I'm getting sick!" I got up & ran into the bathroom.

**Lesson #72NEVER run on hardwood floors & try to turn a corner wearing socks.

I wish I knew this when I was half asleep! Did you ever see this movie?

Do you remember the  part when the bad guy slipped & fell? His feet went up in the air & he fell FLAT on his back? Yep. That was me. I didn't hit my head though. Thank God! He WAS watching over me. heehee. Here comes daddy down the hallway "what happened?" I told him to just take care of Graciella, as I just laid there for a minute. Whoa. That never happened to me! (Except the time, a few yrs back around THIS SAME time! I was holding Lele's tiny hand walking & for some UNknown reason, fainted! I woke up UNDER the Xmas tree, looking UP into it! Huh?? I had a clip holding my hair up that was embedded IN my brain! ha. not really. But it sure felt like it was! I had to basically crawl to the kitchen & call 911 for MYself! I had NO idea how long I was knocked out either! My poor mama!) Back to the story at hand...

I got up, took a deep breath & helped my sick little girl. This continued on & off throughout the nite. I kept waking up the hubby each time I heard Graciella bcuz as time went on, my upper back was in PAIN & I had a headache. About 7am, she woke up again vomitting. Fun nite huh? I just stayed up at that point. I'm not even tired, just sore. Dad is the one now, with his stomach feeling funny.

Leleanna is doing better today. All thanks to Karo Light Corn Syrup! Whoohoo! It's only been a few hours & it seems to be doing it's job! You don't know HOW relieved I am! After too many laxatives & over the counter products, I wish I did this sooner! The pedia dr just called, I told her the scoop. Now, we continue thru the wkend & call her Monday am. At that point, Lele will go for a second xray to see if it did work it's magic & how much is gone! A HUGE thank you to Miss Shealynn for calling me this am & giving me the dose! And my cousin, Michael in Vegas for telling me too! Shh... my baby is on the potty as I type away! =)

**Lesson #73KEEP asking around via friends, Twitter, FB, blogs for help. Those that care enough, will answer. And I am grateful.

The day has slipped away once again & 3 HoHos later, I need to straighten myself up, head out the door soon & p/u Antonia from school. I just pray she doesn't catch this awful bug!

Have a splendid day & wish the best of health in the days to come for all of you!


Sheree said...

SO glad she is feeling better and that she is potty-ing! :)

take care and i hope santa brings you wii fit (although i have NO idea when you'd do it!).

Diana Waite said...

dang girl! your house sounds sort of like mine....hope you and yours are feeling better soon!