September 17, 2009

My Girls

I know, I take TOO many pix ALL of the time! You know what? My girls will appreciate it when they get older! (So will yours!) I just wish I could scrap more of what I take!! So here we go... Weds. right before school, seconds before we are getting in car, "throw your backpacks in the truck & hurry!" click! click! That's how it usually works! Then we're speeding off! =)

Antonia looked older to me today!?

Lele w/her tatt & Graciella

 But I did have to walk in Lele's school to find a bag full of stuff that NEEDED to be done for Antonia's teacher! (that I just happened to leave in Lele's class Tues while helping! Oops!) I did find that bag & walked Leleanna to the playground & snapped some pix of her & Isabella.

So this brings us to today. FIRST, I have to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Rhonda of Chigger Hill Cottage! She was so nice to send these beaded socks to Lele! She was so excited to get something in the mail just for her =) She wore them today for 'purple day'!

Here are the results of living where the sun shines EVERY day!

I love this one!

Purple day but 'San Tan' is In The Past! Oops!

You can count on Antonia's SMILE every time! xo

Is Graciella looking a tad bit older here?!

There ya have it. Wasn't that fun? Now to get in on some of these blog giveaways! I'm addicted!

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Chigger Hill Cottage said...

Love your blog! And yu have the cutest family! Thanks for the shop mention too!