July 10, 2009

You can beat the heat

If you stay inside! ha! The girls have had soccer games all summer & Thank God they've been INSIDE!! I have lotsa pix to share, since I take pix every game. They would get repetitive. However, I did snap this shot w/my cell tonite! I thought the girls looked too cute! (it was their idea for the hair-dos & team shirts!!)

Antonia & Leleanna

I videotaped this game against Arsenal. If you would of seen the last game against one of their teams', whew! You would of cried or kicked some one's butt! The girls all had 40lbs on our girls & were super aggressive! Graciella got drilled into the ground! Front flip & all. Her neck & back hurt real bad! Can't wait to visit our chiro friend - Stewart!

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Melina*Alecia said...

This picture is the desktop of my main laptop. I need a pic of GLAM all together!!