July 2, 2009



I cannot believe all this time has passed! You're going into 3rd grade at the end of the month! You're playing club soccer & you put your all into it! You never complain about going to practice in this heat either! (just the occasional 'I can't find my socks!') You can honestly swim like a fish (thx to Miss Mindy)!! You LOVE to fish now too!

On your bday, Jeannie asked us to go to see the movie Up & I left it up to you. Yeah, no surprise there! You jumped at that one! Dad was at work, so just us girls went w/the Jesson girls. 7 ladies at the movies. You girls had a good time!

Mama - I cannot wait to see your progress through this school year! New school. New friends. You'll love it! I'm excited to have you 3 girls at the same school! =) Keep up your hard work, behave & keep reading! You'll do great! Your new teacher will love you!

xoxo- Mommy

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