March 31, 2009

My Little Girl

How did I let this day pass?! I have no time! Does anyone these days? I don't know how these women do it. Blog, scrap, craft, dinner, clean, laundry, work full time... the list is never ending.

Happy 11th Birthday Graciella!
(March 26th!)

We had a party with just us at home. Her party w/her friends will be held at a later date but soon!

Graciella with her new girlie Fender! Now she needs some lessons!

Gramma & Graciella

My mama, Carlos & me

We love you Graciella! xo


Michelle Devine said...

ok Juls That guitar rocks. We need a fun photo shoot with that!

Tell Graciella Happy birthday from me!

Anne said...

Happy Birthday, Graciella! :-)