March 19, 2009

Dip in the Pool

Finally got a chance to take girls to pool today. It's gorgeous out! I was surprised though how packed it was. I should of expected it though, with everyone being on break! Duh! The girls loved it! Antonia went on this huge black tunnel water slide a few times. That girl is never afraid to try new things! Graciella kept her eyes closed the entire time until she could sense she was at the end & there was light! First time in the pool this year for Lele. She was a little timid at first. That didn't last too long though! I definitely want the girls to see Miss Mindy this year. They absolutely adored her & became instant fish on their own w/her! Have to get ready to head out & pick up Graciella from soccer. This wkend is the last tournament for the season, as well as the last games! I'm hoping all girls are healthy enough to play! Last wkend was not a good one, except for the first game!

I want to say THX to Nancy & Chas for meeting me at Devine Memories to put together kits they purchased! Chas went home w/two! I had fun & it took longer than I thought! I could swear we were speeding along...

Have a good nite. xo

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