January 30, 2009

Day Two at the New Age

I actually typed my new age & hit backspace REAL quick! hee-hee Today was a day of running around ALL over! Had to hand in paperwork to Graciella's school for all three girls. Wasn't so bad, just updating stuff but got a chance to speak to Mrs. S. She informed me that I could pick up Graciella 15 mins earlier on soccer days! Whoo-hoo! That 15 mins will mean Graciella can get home already dressed & eat sitting down, not running out the door! Thx so much Mrs. S!

Antonia is STILL having these low grad temps! The dr said to get a new thermometer. ?? Not. It works fine. Not every one's temp is the EXACT same in each ear! It works fine on the rest of us! She also called in more Amox for her. Again, not! She's been on it for 10 days. Sinus infection or cold, it was gone the 3rd day of meds. She's been on Motrin & Tylenol for her temps too! No more meds!

Grace took me to Chili's for a bday lunch yesterday. Her cutie little boy - Ryan ate with Leleanna & I too! He even took the liberty of ordering for Lele. It was the cutest thing, "she'll have the corn dog w/fries & a diet coke!"

Leleanna & her future bf, Ryan

Girls & I went to Justice after school with their gift cards. Antonia went nuts thinking she can buy everything! All three behaved though. Antonia wanted to go in dressing room by herself, come out & model for me. Big girl time at 7! They picked out their outfits & off to DQ we went!

I weighed myself & was 134. I'm losing weight! I don't need to lose any but I haven't been eating. I'm wondering if it's stress & I'm not even aware of it! I don't feel stressed out. Not constantly worrying either. ??? Maybe it's an underlining stress thing. Lots going on every day too. I miss you Jeannie! :(

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