January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is it! I won't reveal the number though! hee-hee! Doesn't this look yummy! I found this girl on Etsy! Smarmy Pants

Antonia has a low temp AGAIN this am! I can't take this! Poor girl has had one for weeks now! Last week, I took her to the drs & she had blood work. It came back better than ever (compared to the week before when her white blood cell count was a bit low). She had the boogies & was blowing her nose to no end. The dr said she'll treat it as a chronic sinus infection. Yeah, well she's almost done her meds & the temps are still here. The temps are always low grade, but still the poor girl STILL has a temp EVERY day! She feels good though & just complains about her head hurting once in a while. She still goes to soccer practice & her games. She never complains. I'll be calling the dr soon & see what she says.

I've been on different forums asking how to resize photos to fit on a 4x6 or larger canvas. Well, I'll forever be grateful to LAURA VEGAS!! Just scroll down to her Jan 21st post, she gives you step by step! I had another question re: what tool to actually use to select the photo, etc. I emailed her & she responded real quick! Thx SO much Laura! If you don't know who she is, click on her name. I love her work! Her scraproom rocks too! =)

I'm thinking to switch over to TypePad bcuz I love how the galleries look when you click on them. You can see all your layouts at once or photos. Does anyone have any tips or good things to say about it? I just don't know how to switch it all over to the new format. I'm wondering if I would have to start all over. Ugh!

Just found out that my long--- time friend, Jill is having a boy! He's due in July. CONGRATS Jill & Steve! They so deserve this! It's a blessing, really. They've been through so much to reach this day! Much love to you both! xo


Diana Waite said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Hope your day was full of fun! :)

Tina said...

Happy Birthday Julie!!!