May 24, 2008

Sat. am & ALL is wet

I wish Harley wouldn't think he's going to melt once he steps foot out in this rain! Just found out lastnite that Devine Memories will be having a Design Team call in July. (I'm hoping I make it again for a third time :] ) I would be a super happy camper!

Leleanna told me she saved her ice pop on the fridge (this was yesterday before her bath). I was like what--? I had to take a pic bcuz I thought it was so cute!

Lele's ice pop 'saver' for later!

I spoke to Rose yesterday & she STILL did not get our box in the mail yet. It's a combo of bday/xmas stuff.

I made this card holder for my niece, MaryRose.

Antonia needs reading glasses! Carlos & I knew this day would happen, given our lack of great sight!! I'm hoping she gets them soon! Melina texted Friday too from Vegas. Well, Henderson - right where Michael is! She & Zach made the drive to 'do something'. Glad to hear bcuz she needs to take it easy w/her recent surgery! I love you Min. xo

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