April 25, 2008


Last wkend, all of us, Carrie & Gramma drove down to Casa Grande to Arlese's house. She had a combo bday for Dajah's 4th & her son, Ismael's 3rd. It was good to see all of Dajah's family (on her dad's side). We know that she is well taken care of. Dajah has changed so much in 4 yrs! Her manners, the way she acts w/other kids, she's a little princess! I'm so happy we got to spend the day w/her. Thx Arlese for making her bday a special one!
We also had a bday party for Katie to go to. That was Saturday at the bowling alley. So lots of kids, loud music, pizza & cake. The girls had fun! Leleanna even got a strike!!


Anonymous said...

Is that real bday cake?! Did someone make it or they bought it?! Carrie and Dajah look so cute!! She has grown up so much and she is gorgeous!

CalleLillyCafe said...

It IS a real bday cake! I believe Arlese's niece made it.

MO Family said...

Julie, Carrie, Grandma, and Carlos

Thank you all so much for being apart of Dajah’s and the McGill family, It really means so much that you all are an active part of our lives. I pray that God will continual to bless us all as God order our steps.