July 25, 2014

My Mac is Back!

Whoohoo! I've been without since the first week in a July! NO joke! End result? New video card. Ugh. But it's back and beautiful! Whoohoo! Now I can get on w/my scrapbook posts & get caught up! Hello & I've missed you. Oh yes, don't forget to add the TONS of emails I need to sort through & delete. Fun times ahead. Am I the only one with a to-do and want-to-do list that will span here in AZ to the Brooklyn Bridge?! Oh let me add my sew-to-do list as well as my project-want-to-create list?! And... last but not least, my Project Life list. And now that our youngest is back in school and soccer has really never stopped for all three girls, yes all my mommy-lists can wait once again. Not forever, more like slow mode. I hope the upcoming months will offer me more time somehow. Wishful thinking I know but I have to stay positive!

Speaking of positive... Do you read She Reads Truth? They offer devotionals & you can choose which plan to follow. I love the positive feelings I'm left with & I hope to have my girls following soon. There's so much more behind it all but I'll leave you to visit the website & form your own opinions. I'd love to hear back what your thoughts were on it all!

Ok back to my Mac & this blog! So much has happened this month and saying goodbye to 2peas. I'm going to miss the Garden Girls and all the videos too! Wilna, Paige Evans & Janna Werner just to name a few. I know Janna had just completed her term but I still miss her! And yes, I visit her blog! I have a scrap-envy-lust-list too! ha! That sounds funny. Oops!

I hope to have more posts up real soon! Just bare with me!

Have an awesome day & let's chat soon!

(photo found on Instagram & I had to save for my lock screen on my iPhone! It makes me happy!)

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