March 7, 2014

Waffles, Ribs & My Valentines

Yes, I meant to post this the day following my last post. And then... life slaps you in the face! I'll get right to the point. Have you ever heard of costochondritis? I never have till the dr told me I have it. The cartilage on your ribs becomes inflamed & hurts like a %*#@^!! Well I'm going on two months now. Thinking my diabetes has something to do w/the fact it's taking me forever to heal. This is not fun & I do not enjoy being out-of-it every day bcuz of pain meds. So I don't take any and lucky me, I have a high tolerance for pain. However, when I'm in tears, balling my eyes out bcuz of this pain? Yes I do take a pain pill. Does it help? Just to take the edge off a bit. I wish it did more. I think bcuz of my  metabolism is that of supersonic speed, no pain meds last in my system. So with all that being said, please keep me in your prayers if you would be so kind. And I will thank you now from the bottom of my heart. If you're wondering if I have been to the drs for this? Yes and had many tests to see if anything else could be causing this pain. All came back normal. Thankful for that but I'm still in agonizing pain.

Onto my post from the past now! I had mentioned @mywafflecrush in my last post. Yum-mee! If you're local to the east valley then you will be able to catch up with them. They have details on their Insta posts on where they will be every weekend! You can go every day for brunch, dinner and all in between! It's not your every day eggo or even belgium waffle, they make gourmet liege waffles. European I think. You customize then eat! Taste the magic! lol

Let me know if you visit @mywafflecrush any time soon! Maybe we can host an east valley blogger/crafty/IG meet up! I like this idea! If you're interested in helping me, please leave me your contact info!
Happy day to you!

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